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Movies in Mysore are one of the best recreation in Mysore ,movies in Mysore played in two multiplexes like DRC cinemas, satyam cineplex each multiplex has 4 screens each, and drc is equipped with auro 11.0 audio,both the multiples are in the center of the city so it is easily reachable and has got lot of space which is convient for parking the vehicles, and mysore has got 15 movie theaters and one mini scope ,out these 15 theaters in mysore ,saraswathi,shantala,gaytri,lakshmi,sangam,sterling,rajakamal are the best in condition,where these theaters are clean and well maintained,most of the good movies are release in multiplex and these top cinemas halls in Mysore,Mysore has got all language movie viewers such as english,Hindi,Kannada,Tamil Telugu, most of the cinemas halls , has got online booking provision from book myshow, multiplex such as drc and satyam have online booking and telephone booking provision to attract more cinemas viewers, so here is effort make to list movies playing or showing with timings and info of the movies so have sneak peak and enjoy the movies played in Mysore in theaters of Mysore ,multiplex of mysore , watch Kannada movie in Mysore, Hindi movie in mysore tamil movie in mysore telegu movie in mysore english movie in msore, enjoy popocorn with movie in mysore,enjoy chips in movie in mysore.bunk the the college and enjoy movie in mysore,enjoy move in prabha theater mysore,watch and enjoy movie in satyam watch movie in drc cinemas mysore watch movie and enjoy movie in rajakamal mysore.